World Cancer Day 2020: Feb 4

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February 4, 2020

World Cancer Day 2020: The battle continues

Every year 9.6 million people die from cancer. 3.7 million people can still be saved each year if we act. This World Cancer Day, 2020, on February 4th, let us pledge to fight and raise awareness about Cancer! 

Origin of the word Cancer

The Greek physician Hippocrates first came up with the use of word Cancer way back in 470- 360 BC. Greeks would also call it Karkinos as the swollen veins around the tumour would resemble a crab. It was also called Canker. With all these historical facts around the word cancer, we never realize that we also have another synonym for Cancer – Death!… It was shown in motion pictures, highlighted in Television serials, and Printed down in newspapers of how ride towards Cancer-Ville can be a one-way trip.

If you are interested in a timeline of cancer, follow this link

Because there’s so much to be grateful for. Because there’s so much grace I received from cancer. I send strong currents back to you, to persevere in finding what makes you happy and to feel at home in your body and spirit
– Lisa Ray

The battle against Cancer continues…

While cancer still exists to be a danger to health and quality of life, Medical Science has worked immensely to come up with better and better solutions to treat cancer. But one of the best interventions that we could ever come up with is the combination of Prevention and Early Detection. Battling Cancer can be made much simpler, and even easier if this intervention is used as a Frontline tool. But the problem is a lack of awareness and information among people. Many Organisations and Governments have dedicated themselves for this cause and so has nULTA taken up the mantle to fight Cancer. We are dedicated to make our people aware and help them fetch every possible intervention as needed to fight Cancer for a better life and a better future.

I don’t give up easily. Even death will have to fight me.
– Mumtaz


With a strong determination to fight cancer, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) came up with a 3-year campaign themed as ‘I Am and I Will’. The year 2020 marks the midway point of the campaign. It’s an empowering call-to-action urging for personal commitment and represents the power of individual action taken now to impact the future.

A Colorful fight against Cancer

When there is so much to be done for cancer prevention in such little time, it can lead to confusion amongst masses. Here are a few facts to remember. There are different Colours assigned to different forms of cancer. Prevention and awareness support is usually observed by wearing a ribbon of the respective colour.

  • Lung cancer: White.
  • Brain cancer: Grey.
  • Breast cancer: Pink.
  • Liver cancer: Emerald green.
  • Lymphoma: Lime green.
  • Prostate cancer: Light blue.
  • Stomach cancer: Periwinkle blue.
  • Bone cancer: Yellow.

The three most common cancers are Skin, Lung and prostate. So don’t forget to keep white, black and light blue ribbon handy.

Cancer Calendar

There are confusions among cancer awareness months as well. This image below shall help you remember them all and stand with solidarity with our Sisters and Brothers.

Celebrities and their fight against Cancer

Cancer torments thousands of lives daily and makes its headlines when a celebrity is affected by it. We have seen a recent example of that when Renowned actor Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with a form of Neuroendocrine tumour. Sonali Bendre an actor in Indian cinemas Revealed it in her Instagram post about her battle with Cancer.

Some other examples of movie celebs losing battles to cancer are Late Rajesh Khanna, late Nargis Dutt with Pancreatic cancer, Late Vinod Khanna fought bravely with bladder cancer, while Lisa Ray survived through Multiple Myeloma and Manisha Koirala beat Ovarian cancer.

The survival stories with cancer are not less than a real-life bank of motivation and encouragement. One of the finest examples of this is Yuvraj Singh the Indian cricketer who triumphed Lung Cancer like a true champion and has been instrumental in inspiring millions who suffer from cancer to fight and also to non-sufferers to Support.

While We talk of support, here are a few mentions where one can pledge support and contribute in various ways to Help Fight Cancer.

I’m thankful to such tough days to make my eyes wide open. Whether I live long or short is not the question, what quality that I surrounded myself is! And only in difficult times people reveal their true essence
– Manisha Koirala



Almost 10 million people die due to cancer every year

Deaths from Cancer

Is the World Making Progress

Important links about Cancer

World Cancer Day Website: Official website of World cancer Day by UICC

World Cancer Day is an inclusive platform for voices from all corners of the world, including the remotest areas.  

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International Agency for Research on Cancer: Global Cancer Observatory

Interactive web-based statistics about Cancer

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World Cancer Research Fund: Facts and Figures

Read more on the World Cancer Research Fund website about Cancer, prevention, diet, weight and physical activity

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The Cancer Atlas: History of Cancer

Explore a timeline of the history of cancer

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World Health Organization: Cancer Country Profiles

Data by country, including incidence and risk factors

Read More

National Health Portal: Cancer Website of India

Read useful information on the India portal

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Role of nULTA

We at nULTA aim at bringing affordable healthcare to the masses, hence our consultations with Doctors and Counselors are priced at Rs.49/- which is less than a Dollar. The nULTA family understands the potential we hold to contribute to fighting cancer and also other healthcare problems in India with our dream of ‘Health for All’. And with that determination, we are open 24*7 for our users to come up with any type of query which will be directly and immediately answered by India’s finest and dedicated pool of Doctors.

nULTA has run a promotion across India to raise awareness about Cancer. Artists throughout India are invited to create posters. Please encourage everyone to participate. nULTA supports the hashtags #IAmAndIWill #WorldCancerDay #HealthForAll and #nulta

Roy deSouza, nULTA and BreakBio

Roy de Souza, the founder of nULTA is leading the fight against metastatic colorectal cancer. He leads BreakBio Corp and they will be using a multi-pronged strategy to take on this tough disease. The BreakBio treatment will center around a personalized medicine approach, where each patient’s cancer cells will be analyzed by an AI software platform and the treatment will be designed to target those cancer cells

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COVID-19 Safety Preparedness

COVID-19 Safety Preparedness nULTA has taken a variety of health and COVID-19 safety preparedness to [...]

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COVID-19 Safety Preparedness

COVID-19 Safety Preparedness nULTA has taken a variety of health and COVID-19 safety preparedness to [...]