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February 11, 2020

Health Camp at Signal School

nULTA organizes a Health Camp at Signal School (Signal Shala) on 8th February 2020, for it’s students and their parents. We now work with the Indiabulls Foundation to provide healthcare to the students of this school. It’s an honour to be associated with Signal School as it’s healthcare partner. Signal Shala is an undertaking of Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth (SBV) an NGO operating from Thane city. Read more…

What is Signal School?

Signal Shala (School in Marathi language, pronounced sha-la) was the concept brought by Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth (pronounced sə.məɾt̪ʰ bhārat Vyāsapēṭha meaning A Platform to Enable Indians). This school provides education and various facilities to the underprivileged children living on the signal. This school is located in Teen Hath Naka, Eastern Express Highway, Opposite Punjab And Sind Bank Signal, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400602. The school operates below a flyover out of shipping containers.

These children sell products at the signal and sometimes beg. They miss out on their right to education amongst their other basic rights which we as a society are not even affected by in urban areas. Mr. Bhatu Sawant, CEO, Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth, is instrumental in solving this problem by launching a unique idea, whereby a school was created right under the flyover and helped these children to study and get a meal. The school consists of around 50 students out of which few have completed the 10th Grade examinations with flying colors.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela

The Healthcamp

Sleeping on the streets and living in unhealthy conditions exposes these students to various risks. We nULTA are now determined to solve the problems around their nutrition, preventive and progressive health. Team nULTA and Signal School have organised a Health Camp on Saturday 8th 2020 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the School campus. Basic health problems and illnesses will be diagnosed and free medicines will be provided.

We aim at raising awareness and solving these issues permanently while aligning with the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals laid out at the United Nations. The target to achieve these goals is year 2030 and nULTA believes that it’s possible to achieve it, provided that the members of the society, organizations, companies and other institutions work towards this goal together.

Check this TEDx talk by Mr. Bhatu Sawant and how he explains the necessity for us as individuals to be aware and reach out to those in need.

SDG Goal 3nULTA supports the SDG goal 3 and aims at bringing affordable healthcare to all.

nULTA will partner with many organizations to achieve the SDG

Work with the Indiabulls Foundation

For this Health Camp, nULTA has worked with the Indiabulls Foundation and their team to provide effective healthcare. The Indiabulls Foundation happily obliged to extend their cooperation to the Signal School when they heard of the good work and the Healthcamp that nULTA intended to organize. We at nULTA thank the Indiabulls Foundation for their contribution towards the welfare of the children at Signal Shala.

Never before in History has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time

– Bill Gates

Work doesn’t stop with the Health Camp. nULTA will continue to work with Signal Shala and assist it in all it’s healthcare needs. The goal is to eradicate the health issues faced by these students and their families.

Pictures from the Healthcamp

Achievements by the School

2 Students have been selected to visit ISRO

Coverage by BBC Marathi

ठाण्यात रस्त्यावर राहणाऱ्या अतुल आणि किरणची इस्रोवारी

ठाण्यात रस्त्यावर राहणाऱ्या अतुल आणि किरणची इस्रोवारी
ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation

Posted by BBC News Marathi on Monday, 27 January 2020

ABP Live coverage about this

Honour of Best Practice under Mission Antyodaya

Students appointed as Brand Ambassadors by the Thane RTO

News covered by Zee 24 Taas channel

Certificate of Excellence, Best School for Innovative Concept

Signal Shala – final thoughts

nULTA congratulates Signal Shala for the brilliant effort put in by those involved, the teaching staff, those who donate, volunteers. It’s quite uplifting to see the aspirations that these children possess and nULTA wishes these students the best. nULTA will continue to support this goal by organizing a health camp at Signal School at regular intervals to ensure the children receive optimum care. We thank the Indiabulls Foundation as well for it’s commitment to help in this endeavor without whose support this wouldn’t be possible.

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COVID-19 Safety Preparedness

COVID-19 Safety Preparedness nULTA has taken a variety of health and COVID-19 safety preparedness to [...]

Recent Posts

COVID-19 Safety Preparedness

COVID-19 Safety Preparedness nULTA has taken a variety of health and COVID-19 safety preparedness to [...]