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DocNearMe F.A.Q.2021-08-06T16:41:58+05:30

Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Got questions about us or the Doc Near Me app, check the FAQ

How can I provide feedback or contact DocNearMe team?2021-07-13T14:16:39+05:30

We care for your feedback. Get in touch with us by sending a mail at

Is my medical history safe?2021-07-13T14:16:24+05:30

Absolutely! A doctor will only see the medical history when you select to consult with them.

How can I get a refund?2021-07-13T14:16:03+05:30

In case your question is unanswered for 72 hours and you haven’t received a refund in the wallet get in touch with us at

What is the mode of payment2021-07-13T14:15:43+05:30

Currently the mode of payment is Paytm. We will very soon add more payment options.

Can Doctors prescribe medication on the DocNearMe App?2021-07-13T14:15:20+05:30

Doctors provide medication based on the patient’s query and the type of sickness.

Can I use DocNearMe in an emergency?2021-07-13T14:15:00+05:30

No, DocNearme is designed to handle non-emergency medical issues. This app is only for the problems that can be solved by the general doctor. In case of a medical life-threatening emergency, it is always recommended to rush to the hospital or call an ambulance.

Is the DocNearMe app safe?2021-07-13T14:14:25+05:30

Absolutely! Your information is personal and is safe to share with us as we take care of your privacy very seriously. When you use our services, it is our duty to protect it with a comprehensive security infrastructure and stringent data policies. Your interactions with doctors and other consultants on DocNearMe are safe, private, and secure.

How can I use the DocNearMe App?2021-07-13T14:13:54+05:30

It’s pretty simple as following these 3 Steps

  1. Download and install our app from
  2. Enter your phone number while registering
  3. Ask questions from expert
Why do you require my phone number or other personal details?2021-07-13T14:14:44+05:30

A user is required to only provide their phone number and a desired user name while registering. Email is optional. You will also get notified through notifications when a doctor responds to your query.

What is the DocNearMe App?2021-07-13T14:13:25+05:30

If you have any medical questions then you ask questions to experienced doctors.
Do you have pets and are worried about their diet, nutrition and behaviour, talk to our specialists.
The DocNearMe App brings all these professionals to you under one platform. Download now and begin chatting with them.

Top Doctors on the Doc Near Me platform

Dr. Ajay Singh
Dr. Ajay Singh
MBBS, MD Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatrist, Sexologist
Dr. Akash Shah
Dr. Akash Shah
MBBS, DNB in emergency medicine, ACLS, BLS, PALS
Dr. V Srikanth Reddy
Dr. V Srikanth Reddy
MBBS, MD-DVL, Consultant Dermatologist
and many more...
and many more...
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